Where We Come From

The biggest developing duration of Turkish delicacies is in the Ottoman period. In this era; Turkish delicacies advanced within the specialization of the chefs triangle of the palace, mansion and other cooks and created the Classical Turkish cuisine, that ıs, Istanbul cuisine. both in the palace, and in mansions the chefs pressure to perform the highest quality and the attempt to create evolved into a competition-like atmosphere, that is one of the crucial factos playing a key function ın cuisine improvement. Besides those factors, the transfer of the exceptional great foodstuffs from everywhere in the empire to Istanbul, and the prevention of promoting bad goods; pleasing the improvement inside the delicacies have been striking the eye.

We have taken all the lessons learned by those royal chefs and made our fine selection of traditional Turkish dishes using the best ingredients to bring to you the exquisite and unique flavor loved by even the Ottoman kings.

Our Approach

Right here, at VIPKebab, we accept not anything less than the first-rate. Our aim is to provide you the actual VIP experience. And we don’t just clock in, not when we can also end up our greatest, make friends, and have fun whilst we’re at it. And we do not just deliver the VIP experience, we make human beings live it. We create meals we’re proud to serve and deliver it fast, with a smile.


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